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Eigevis Group of Companies

Well-known for its diversity on the West Coast

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The Eigevis Group of Companies is well known for its diversity in the West Coast.

Whether you are looking for accommodation, a place to eat, hardware and marine supplies or storage garages, the company is able to satisfy your needs.

Eigevis Group of Companies is a family business and Andries Johannes Frederik Eigelaar was the founder and first chairman of AJF Eigelaar & Sons (Pty) Ltd in 1958. The present pelagic fleet consists of Atlantic Leader, Nossob, Ankoveld and Eigeveld.

Laaiplek Handelshuis

To complement the fishing industry, the first Eigelaar Marine Store in Laaiplek, better known as Laaiplek Handelshuis, opened in 1963.

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Laaiplek Hotel and Riviera Hotel

During the 70s the company acquired the Laaiplek and the Riviera Hotel in Velddrif. Both hotels have magnificent views of the Berg River.

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Sandboskraal Meat

Sandboskraal Meat opened its doors in 2011. Sandboskraal Meat supplies meat wholesale to supermarkets in the Western Cape while Sandboskraal Meat Packers supplies "tray ready" products to several supermarket stores.

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The Eigevis Storage

The Eigevis Storage, a self-storage facility in the industrial area of Velddrif, was built in 2015.

Some photos:

The Eigevis Group of Companies Directors with Velddrif Chamber of Commerce Awards

The Directors of the Eigevis Group of Companies, with the Velddrif Chamber of Commerce Trophy and Certificate award for outstanding service delivery: 2016

The Eigevis Group of Companies Head Office Employees

Head Office Employees of the Eigevis Group of Companies


  • Street: De Villiers street, Harbour area
  • Postcode: 7365
  • City: Laaiplek, Velddrif
  • Province: Western Cape


  • Telephone: 022 783 1125
  • Fax: 022 783 0618
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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