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Distinction Build Check

Because no home is perfect

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Buying a property is surely one of the biggest investments that most people make within their lifetimes. It is a purchase that can be an absolute asset, or an utter liability. A Home Inspection Report with Distinction Build Check assists you to BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, SELL WITH EASE.


We are a dynamic team with many decades of combined experience in inter alia the construction industry, hardware & retail industries, Real Estate, and other complementary industries such as Information Technology. Our combined experience contributes to a unique team with a skill-set that provides you with an accurate, quality and hassle-free property inspection utilizing best-day IT practices, tools and equipment, and digital reporting systems.

Contact us now for quality hassle-free service and your quotation.

Why should you have a home inspection report done?
As a Buyer:

Buying a house can be a very risky financial investment, especially if you are signing a ‘Voetstoots’ clause in your Sales Agreement. A “Distinction Build Check Home Inspection Report” empowers you with the knowledge to make an informed buying decision.

The report assists you in budgeting for repair and maintenance costs before you commit, and is instrumental in avoiding unforeseen costly repairs and unpleasant buyer / seller interactions and legal disputes.

As a Seller:

We are dealing with a very competitive real estate market, and you have the ability to demonstrate to your buyers that you are selling your house in good faith, and that the price that you are asking is fully justified.

The Inspection Report highlights defects that you may yet have to disclose yourself to the buyer. Use the report to full capacity, and obtain reasonable repair quotations so that you are fore-armed and ready to negotiate!

By disclosing defects, the Inspection Report assists you in complying with your Consumer Protection Act duties, and avoiding lengthy and uncomfortable (and potentially costly) disputes.

As a Property Professional:

The Inspection Report is unbiased and thorough, and is suitable for use in dispute resolution.

Ensure that you comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and subsequently protect yourself, as you are the ‘Property Professional’ in the transaction, and is therefore not protected by the ‘Voetstoots’ clause when not disclosing latent defects.

Demonstrate to your client that your professional reputation has merit, as you provide the buyer with an unbiased third-party report detailing all defects in the property, and can therefore be trusted upon to negotiate fairly in a transparent and reliable manner.

Our Services

We conduct an inspection of a property, and will then provide our client with an unbiased independent report and infrared analysis on the condition of said property. The report is very thorough; and is delivered in printed format and digital PDF format to all the shareholders concerned.

Visit our website for more information on our qualifications, affiliations, services, fees and the benefits of a quality Property Inspection.


  • Street: Office 4A, Blaauw Building, 123 Voortrekker Road
  • Postcode: 7365
  • City: Velddrif
  • Province: Western Cape


  • Telephone: 022 783 0325
  • Fax: 086 577 0193
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

People associated with this Enterprise

Chris van Niekerk

Chris van Niekerk

Property Inspector

Brendon Fourie

Brendon Fourie

Property Inspector

Liza Steyn

Liza Steyn

Property Inspector


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